Shipovskii I.E.   Odintsev V.N.  

Numerical simulation of the stress-strain state of a coal seam caused by an explosion of a blast-hole charge with an annular gap.

Reporter: Shipovskii I.E.

      One of the most complex and dangerous natural and technological phenomena in mines is the sudden  outburst of rocks and gas. In this regard, the urgent issue is to determine the effect of free and bound gas in coal seams on the dynamics of the destruction of gas-bearing geomaterials. For a theoretical study of the wave action on gas-bearing coal seams during blasting operations, computer simulation of the propagation of a blast wave generated by various explosives taking into account the design features of the charges is carried out. The data obtained here are used in the development of a model for the development of microcracks induced by an explosion wave due to the diffusion of methane into microcracks and the participation of the resulting free methane in the development of microcracks.

       Computer simulation of the action of a blast wave is carried out by numerical methods for solving dynamic problems in the mechanics of a deformable solid, which allow one to investigate the development of waves during the explosion of charges of various shapes at different speeds of detonation of explosives and various conditions of placement of charges in the hole. In this case, the entire process considered from the detonation of the explosive charge and the action of detonation products on the rock, causing the localization of deformations and failure, is implemented in the through loop mode of a single cycle. The novelty of the research is related to the analysis of the conditions for the formation of a tensile pulse, which determines the opening of natural and induced defects in the zone remote from the explosion (from 20 to 100 radii of charge), which is known as the zone of explosive pre-fracture of the geomedia.

    This work was supported by the RFBR grant No. 18-05-00912.

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