Nemirovsky Y.V.  

Problems of calculation and rational design of hybrid glue wood-plastic structures

Rectilinear and curvilinear rods are widely used as critical supporting elements in various industrial construction sites. For objects created in the regions of Siberia and the Far East, it is most natural to use wood as a building material; however, the current stringent operational and economic requirements lead to the need to create and use laminated and laminated fiber structures made up of various materials: different types of wood, poly-plastic and wood-plastic elements. When constructing the general equations of deformation of the considered hybrid structures, one should pay attention to the general qualitative feature of the deformation of the considered types of materials: they have essentially different diagrams of tension and compression. The paper discusses how to create a convenient and flexible computational model for describing the deformation of hybrid structures from a set of different materials. As general issues, the problems of plane and complex longitudinal-transverse bending of rectilinear rods and curvilinear arches are considered. The issues of rational design of structures are discussed from the point of view of creating products of increased rigidity and carrying capacity, as well as from the point of view of the economic feasibility of designing such combined structures.

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