Kucherenko I.   Тетерина М.С.   Адищев В.В.  

Strength and rigidity of the masonry fragment in a fuzzy setting

Reporter: Kucherenko I.

According to the actual design rules [1], brickwork is considered as a homogeneous material with a
piecewise constant elastic modulus which depend on the strength characteristics. A series of experiments shows [2, 3] that the brickwork under different loading types exhibits conspicuous anisotropy, so it becomes necessary to develop an adequate mathematical model to obtain the mechanical characteristics of the masonry fragment in different directions or their interval estimates.

In [4] it proposed a mathematical model, which was based on a structured approach, and correctly set out the conditions of coupling the interface substructural materials have been taken into account in their characteristic anisotropy, their volume content and relative position in the case of a complex stress state. This model was used to simulate the stress-strain state of masonry [5, 6]; analytical dependencies were obtained which link stresses and deformations of the brickwork fragment with stresses and strains of its components such as brick, a mortar of horizontal and vertical joints, mortar in the contact zone.

The forming the brickwork materials are distinguished by a high degree of uncertainty in their mechanical properties. It is known that the deformative properties of a mortar are not regulated by design rules, depend on hardening conditions, and have a large scatter of experimental data [7]. Therefore, in the model used, mechanical characteristics of brick and mortar, a specific volume of their the content and quality adhesive bonds described by membership functions, obtained on the basis of experimental data.

For a representative volume of brickwork with various loading options, dependencies were obtained, which allow determining the level of destructive loads and the nature of destruction, and the results obtained are compared with known experimental data.

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