Ishchenko A.N.   Burkin V.V.   Diachkovsky A.S.   Chupashev A.V.   Sammel A.Y.  

Experimental investigations of supercavern geometry behind fast moving bodies in water

Reporter: Sammel A.Y.

At body launching via smoothbore throwing facility into the water, stabilization of body was experimentally achieved because of periodical hydroelastic interactions of body contour with produced cavity boundaries. If body contours are not exceed of produced cavity boundary, drag force is localized mostly at nose part of body which calls "cavitator". Based on this, will be rational to taking into consideration cavity shape when designing body contours.
During the experimental process that carried out at hydroballistic track of RIAMM TSU, different types of elongated bodies was launched and experimental shapes of cavities contours was received. This data was used for cavity contours and geometry of interaction predicting and for comparing of mathematical model with experimental results.

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