Брусенцева Т.А.  

Road marking methods

Highways are of strategic importance for the Russian Federation. An important role in road safety is played by the quality and functionality of road markings. Today, paints, enamels, cold plastic are applied in cold ways on roads. Paints contain solvents in their composition, which is not environmentally friendly. Water-dispersion paints and varnishes are distinguished by a higher level of environmental safety, however, the long drying time and low longevity during the period of operation of the roadway make it less attractive. These types of markup require a new application already after a year. Cold plastic significantly increases the last mentioned fact, extending the service life to two, and in some cases - three years. Practical experience of using thermoplastic materials for marking in Russia shows that a significant part of the destruction of marking lines from thermoplastics is cracking with subsequent separation of the material from the road surface.
The work consists in applying powder paint, thermoplastic on the product and its polymerization by the method of cold gas-dynamic spraying (CGN). The use of modern materials and methods for applying road markings will reduce the cost of roads and improve traffic safety. The use of CGN deposition of thermoplastic on the roadbed will increase the service life of the coating, this is due to the noticeable thickening of the layer of material used for marking. In addition, this type of marking is less time consuming due to the fully mechanized process, which will replace the white enamel AK-511, currently used, with modern, durable materials with improved technical properties.

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